Allergy Update

So it’s been a while since the “treatment” for my allergies; with 36 pain-in-the-ass allergens reversed I can safely say I don’t have a clue if it worked.  I would like to think that since there are roughly 100 other things that I am still allergic to that have not been reversed that I’m not going to all of a sudden start feeling like a million bucks and get to throw my antihistamine in the trash.  So what to do?

Well, I am covered for $500 on my health insurance for this type of thing, and I’ve already kicked in over $100 getting the tests and first treatment, so I think I’ll keep going back (at $40 or $60 a pop or something) until I’m out of coverage and we’ll see what happens.  Then, I’ll get a traditional allergist to test me for all that stuff again (using the scratch test – which is pretty darn effective in terms of identifying allergens) and then we’ll know!

So, along with that, I’m going to get the Holistic Allergist to reverse my son’s deadly peanut allergy.  He has a traditional allergist appointment to get re-tested in November so I’d like to see if she can work her magic on my kid.  Even if he can have his allergy reduced to a sensitivity it would make a huge difference.  He’s only 4, and having him carry around Epi Pens and be constantly worried about cross contamination in foods is not much fun.

So, off to book some appointments and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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