The Big Reveal

Well the guesses are in and we have a winner!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to have a read and congratulations to Stephanie Fuller for correctly picking out which one of these was a complete and total lie. Stephanie, just send me an email with the pictures you want (up to 10) from Andrew’s Alphabet and I’ll get them to you right away.
Of course, because I’m sneaky (or just a jerk – you decide) I’ve decided not to directly reveal which answer is bunk. Instead, I’ve made all the choices clickable and upon doing so, the choice will expand to reveal a brief story about the item. The false one will be appropriately labelled (and in red text).
Of course, if you want to just go back to the original post and check to see which one Stephanie picked you can do that too 🙂
Without further delay. Here are the facts (and one lie):
  1. I have scored a game winning goal at Maple Leaf Gardens
  2. I have assisted Penn & Teller on stage with one of their tricks (Mofo the Psychic Gorilla)
  3. I have been paid as a freelance writer to provide original content to a video game
  4. I have had a 1 minute conversation and spoken five scripted words on a nationally broadcasted television show (US and Canada) 
    1. The episode aired more than once and I have been recognized by at least one complete stranger for this appearance
    2. It was 20 years before I saw it
  5. I have played, and won, hockey games on both the 1932 and 1980 Olympic hockey rinks in Lake Placid New York 
  6. I have had a 500 word anecdote selected for inclusion in a Darwin Awards book
    1. In the first printing (hard cover) they incorrectly spelled my name
  7. I have stood in the room where Winston Churchill was born
  8. One summer in Europe was spent working as a groundskeeper for a Canadian embassy
  9. I have had a 5000 word short story selected for inclusion (and soon to be published) in an anthology
  10. I have appeared as a street fighting bum in a rap music video
  11. I have eaten snake soup
  12. I was once qualified to instruct both flat water canoeing and small vessel sailing
  13. I once stayed awake for over 100 consecutive hours
  14. I have appeared in a TV commercial for a financial institution (singing & texting – but no talking)
  15. I have been a teacher’s assistant for English as a Second Language children (ages 6-10) with behavioural problems
    1. This job was a block away from the most crime riddled area of Canada’s largest city
  16. I have broken or cracked the following bones: toe beside the big one on the left foot, left foot, left ankle, left tibia, left arm (radius AND ulna), left pinky and middle fingers (separate breaks), several ribs, right ankle, right wrist, right pinky finger, nose, head (stiches), and brain (more than 4 concussions)
  17. I have driven my car to the publicized geographic longitudinal centre of Canada
  18. Last year of high school I did not take notes or use anything but a pencil to write assignments/tests in calculus.  I got 94%.  Last year of university I studied more for my Calculus 3 course than any other subject.  I got 51%
    1. In school, we covered in 3 lectures (9 hours) what took Isaac Newton over 20 years to uncover and write down (granted, he had other things going on).
~ Andrew

6 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Anonymous

    WOW. My head spins reading your accomplishments and injuries! Your poor mother). You seem to have led such a full life. I can't even imagine the awesome you'll go on to achieve. I'm envious. Although, I did come face to face with a black panther in the wild when I was 9. Not many people can say they've lived through that I hope. Thanks for this post. The amazing facts within and the time you spent providing links and vids is awesome. I can't wait to get home and watch them all. Well done and congrats on your successful accomplishments. Teaching the Vietnamese boy to count to ten made me smile HUGE. Everything else, I'm in awe of. Great post.

  2. Andrew F. Butters

    A black panther!?! Holy cow, that's some scary stuff. Can't say as I've ever been face-to-face with anything scarier than a deer, or possibly a big raccoon.Thanks for taking the time to read my blatherings. I tried to provide as many links as possible for those who wanted more information.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, for a panther not in captivity, he was beautiful with a red tint to his fur. He saw me before I saw him and we stood there, staring at each other for a couple minutes. Then he blinked like he was bored, turned and slinked off into the woods. Haven't gotten to watch everything yet (oven fire kept me kinda busy last night) but I know I'll have more comments and questions for you after I do. Again, it was a great post. I really enjoyed it.


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