…in bed.

My brother gave me this book for Christmas a few years ago. I stuffed it somewhere “handy” and forgot about it until recently. In an effort to keep words flowing and provide some nifty blog content for my new and improved website, I thought I’d tackle all 642 writing prompts and see what happens.

From the looks of things, there are anywhere from 1 to 5 prompts on each page and the ones on each page are somewhat related. If I were to do one prompt a day we’d be here for almost two years, which is fine by me but also seems a smidgen ambitious. It might also make for some really short posts, which also might not be a bad thing, but I also feel like there needs to be a bit more on the page before I hit publish. So, one page of prompts per post regardless of how many are on the page. I won’t do one every day and I can’t even promise one a week, but I will try to do them with some regularity.

Prompt #1

“Write yesterday’s fortune cookie. It got everything wrong.”

  • Everything will go exactly as planned (in bed)

Prompt #2

“Write last year’s fortune cookie. It got everything right.”

  • You will be in awe of the resiliency and accomplishments of your family and friends and grateful to have them in your life (in bed)
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  1. ejdalise

    Thanks for adding the follow option, but it’s only if one posts a comment (hence this comment).

    The follow on the sidebar is for Twitter. I subscribed but I don’t get notifications from Twitter nor do I visit there often as I find it a wasteland of self-promotion, anger, and only the occasional interesting bits.

    (hopefully) I’ll be set after posting this comment, but I would still suggest adding the option (on the sidebar) to subscribe without having to comment.

    1. Andrew F. Butters Post author

      First of all, thanks for reading and taking the time to inquire about following the blog and then leaving a comment. I love comments 🙂

      I got a notification indicating that you were now following my blog but as you said, that’s likely due to the checkbox at the bottom of the comments form.

      I did add a widget to the sidebar that was a “WordPress Follow” button that’s supposed to work (top right of the screen or if you’re on your phone waaaaaaaaay down at the bottom) and if I log out and visit the site from a different computer I see the option. Clicking it brings up a thing asking me to sign in to my WordPress account or provide a Google or Apple account so it knows where to send notifications.

      Anyway, if this isn’t working I’ll have to figure it out. Thanks again for your input and helping me troubleshoot.


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