Andrew gets a lot of questions from his hordes of fans, and by that, he means three people have asked him these two questions: “Are you working on another book?” and “When will it be out?” This page is here to answer those questions. Come back often for updates on progress (is he on schedule? Is there anything new in the pipeline?) and special events like signings and… wait for it… cover reveals!

No Fixed Address

The “No” Conspiracies Book #1

This is a book about a guy who has spent his entire adult life digitally erasing his existence to hide from a clandestine government agency that killed his parents and has now recruited a team of computer super-geniuses to find him so that they can continue their assault on his life and leverage a medical secret he doesn’t even know he has.

Current Stage: Developmental Editing

This is where an editor looks at it for substantive stuff: plot, characters, and the like. They send me back notes and I fix stuff and send it back to them, and so on. The book doesn’t move forward until the Developmental Editor gives it the thumbs up. Must please Developmental Editor. I happen to know that he enjoys Canadian whisky, so that could work in my favour.

Next Up: Line Editing

This is where an editor looks at the document line-by-line for style, grammar, spelling, and other such things. Then, I fix them. I can reject any number of changes for any number of reasons but if I do this a lot and it’s not a great idea the publisher can put a statement in the book basically saying, “Hey, we tried, but he wouldn’t listen. Don’t blame us.” I know my editor quite well and I’m certain it won’t come to this 🙂

No Known Cure

The “No” Conspiracies Book #2

This book is what happens after the first book. You’ll have to read it to find out what happens to our intrepid hero and our rogue government agency, but regardless of how the first book ends, there’s still more story to tell and this book will tell it. In this one, we see a peripheral character from the first book take on a larger, more significant role.

Current Stage: Editing Queue

No Good Deed

The “No” Conspiracies Book #3

A continuation of the story from the first two books. That character from the second book pretty much steals the show in this one and tidies up the story quite nicely (or so we think) *cue ominous music*

Current state: Editing Queue

Find My Phone

Feature Film – Comedy

After publishing a short story in an antholody, several essays, some freelance articles, a nonfiction book, a standalone fiction novel, and an opening trilogy to a fiction series, I felt it was time to switch gears and add another tool to my toolkit.

Current State: Beat Sheet

This is a technique that was pioneered by the late Blake Snyder. There are fourteen “beats” in every movie and listing each one as the idea is forming helps lay the groundwork for the rest of the manuscript.

No Stone Unturned

The “No” Conspiracies Book #4

Remember that peripheral character from the first book that took center stage starting in the second book and wrapped up our initial storyline in the third book? Well, it turns out there was a lot more to him and his story. This book is that character’s origin story and hoo-boy is it a doozy. Missing women. Serial killer. Cults. I can’t wait to write it.

Current State: Partial draft

This is actually a serial killer thriller I was writing as a serial a few years ago that I’m re-writing with the focus on a different character’s interaction with the antagonist. I’ve got about 60,000 words written that will need to be re-written and then I’ll add 20-30,000 more.

No Other Choice

The “No” Conspiracies Book #5

Remember the clandestine government agency from the first three books? This book is that organization’s origin story. Military secrets. Murder. Human experimentation. Biological warfare. I’m totally writing in at least one big explosion.

Current State: Paper napkin

Stay tuned!

No Going Back

The “No” Conspiracies Book #6

Picking up after the conclusion of Book #3, this is the continuation of Finn and Dana’s stories. 

Current State: Paper napkin

Stay tuned!

No Alternate Truth

The “No” Conspiracies Book #7

Also picking up after the conclusion of Book #3, this is the continuation of our main character, Gord’s, story. 

Current State: Paper napkin

Stay tuned!

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