Below is a listing of all of Andrew’s published work, whether it is part of an anthology or a collection or a novel of his own. Clicking the cover or the title links will take you to a page that will list a synopsis of the book as well as all the available formats.

Hard Truth

With his mother upstairs on life support and his personal life hanging on by a thread, a New York City elite finds himself trapped in his building’s high-tech elevator where his ego is shattered as he is forced to witness a series of events that upend his perception of reality.

Bent But Not Broken

With Jodi Wilks-Butters and Avery Butters

Bent But Not Broken is a heartfelt journey of our daughter and family as we navigate the healthcare system from diagnosis to surgery and beyond. Follow us as we use our own words in blog posts and through an emotional and gripping narrative that puts you by our side through all the ups and downs, challenges and successes, of an experience that changed our lives and taught us that compassion and love builds strong communities, even stronger families, and that true strength comes from the most unlikely sources.

Stigma Fighters: Volume 3

Edited by Sarah Fader

Andrew provided a trilogy of essays on the mental health challenges he has faced and continues to face on a daily basis: anxiety, post-concussion syndrome, and chronic insomnia.

Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior

Compiled by Christina Esdon
Edited by Susan Ethridge, Steven Luna, Jennifer Gracen, and K.D. McCrite

Andrew provided a humorous account in the form of a short story of the untimely death of a family member and the events that followed.

The Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest

by Wendy Northcutt

While he did not receive any writing credit for my contribution, Andrew did get a free copy of the book and a t-shirt. This book contains his first published words (around 500 of them, actually). Who would have thought that lighting one’s self on fire could be so funny? You can read hisy story on the Darwin Awards website under the title The Barbequed Chef or buy the book and read the whole collection (it’s hilarious in an “OMG human civilization is doomed” sort of way).

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