• Pure Joy
    This is a post about the kindness of strangers and the joy one feels when bringing joy to others. Backstory In early 2014 my daughter, Avery (affectionately nicknamed “Princess Pants” or just “Pants” or “Pantalons” if we’re being formal and embracing the French language) was diagnosed with severe idiopathic scoliosis. […]
  • Know Your Strengths
    My dear friend and writer extraordinaire, Gordon Bonnet, and I share a brain. Where our thought processes and levels of comprehension differ, we end up being complimentary. Academically, we both studied physics but gravitated (no pun intended) to different things. We both share levels of anxiety but manage it in […]
  • My Cup Runneth Over
    It happened, then it took twelve years for it to happen again, and another seven for it to happen a third time. Until recently, every year I would watch the captain of the winning team hoist the Stanley Cup above his head and plant a giant kiss on it.
  • Cancelled, And Good With It
    I had a plan for what to do when my rights were returned for both of my traditionally published books, but due to a not-so-author-friendly contract, it was still a year away for one and almost two years away for the other. I did have a plan, though, and I was all set to work on it. Then, as the saying goes, the game changed.
  • Persecution Salsa
    Let me take you on a journey about why tomatoes make me think of persecution.
  • Rewind
    The most formative twelve months of my life happened between August 1989 and July 1990. When digging around in the basement more than thirty-two years later, my wife uncovered a box filled with cassettes containing a veritable treasure trove of nostalgia and some pretty awesome music.

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