• Persecution Salsa
    Let me take you on a journey about why tomatoes make me think of persecution.
  • Rewind
    The most formative twelve months of my life happened between August 1989 and July 1990. When digging around in the basement more than thirty-two years later, my wife uncovered a box filled with cassettes containing a veritable treasure trove of nostalgia and some pretty awesome music.
  • Nabla Operator
    In 1993 I was accepted into the Applied Physics program at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and in the fall of that year, I began my post-secondary educational journey. It was a co-op program, which sometimes meant job placements during the “normal” school year and studies in the summer. […]
  • How I Met Your Mother
    Let me take you back to the first week of September 1993. I saw this girl during orientation week at university. We were on a school bus on the way to a bar for a drink fest (this was back when schools allowed and even sponsored these sorts of things). […]
  • Hearts of Darkness
    Do you know someone who’s been sucked down the conspiracy theory FOX News Tucker Carlson woo-woo rabbit hole? The best thing you can do for them is let them go.
  • (Almost) Always Working
    Being a writer is an odd sort of existence. You come up with these wild (hopefully original) ideas and slap tens of thousands of different combinations of the same 26 letters onto the page and bring them to life. Katie Oldham famously wrote about the experience of consuming these ideas: […]

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