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Below is a listing of all of Andrew’s published work, whether it is part of an anthology, a collection, or a novel of his own.

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Seeing as it’s generally cost prohibitive to send a whole book to who-knows-where from Canada, I have come up with a reasonable alternative. For $5 I will mail you a bookplate (sticker) made out to whoever you want, with a brief inscription (of your choosing or you can leave it for me to figure out), and my signature. PayPal me in your home currency and leave me the info I need (name to use, inscription if you want something specific, book it’s for, mailing address).

Known Order Girls

Do you ask for permission or forgiveness?

Katherine Webb lives in the Known Order, where sentient AI controls every decision. Unwilling to accept the status quo, she embarks on a journey of defiance and disobedience. She must confront the shadowy elite behind the technology that dominates her existence.

Guided by her fellow rebels, she plots to infiltrate the all-knowing computer, dismantle authority, and bring the oligarchy to its knees.


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Working on it!

Near Death By A Thousand Cuts: A Humorous Memoir Of Misfortune

Pregnant and dealing with a bout of morning sickness, Andrew Butters’ soon-to-be mom handed the keys to her car to her husband and asked him to start it up. He cranked the engine and released the clutch, not realizing it was still in gear. The car lurched forward, striking her in the caboose and launching her into the ditch. Thus began her unborn son’s adventures in misfortune.

Told in the style of a friend at the pub recounting a tall tale that begins, “Have I told you about the time…,” Near Death by a Thousand Cuts takes you on a wild and crazy forty-eight-year journey filled with accidents, injuries, and medical procedures guaranteed to make you simultaneously wince and laugh to the point of tears.

“I hope Andrew wrote this book from a soft chair in a padded room wearing a Nerf suit.”
Dave Hemstad, Comedian (Just For Laughs, CBC’s The Debaters)


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Bent But Not Broken

100% of the royalties from this book will be split equally between Ronald McDonald House Charities and Canadian Blood Services.

Bent But Not Broken Cover

With Jodi Wilks-Butters and Avery Butters

Bent But Not Broken is a heartfelt journey of Andrew’s daughter, and family, as they navigate the healthcare system from diagnosis to surgery, and beyond. Follow them as they use their own words in blog posts and through an emotional and gripping narrative that puts you by our side through it all. The ups and downs and challenges and successes of the experience changed their lives and taught them that compassion and love build strong communities, even stronger families, and that true strength comes from the most unlikely sources.

Check out the Bent But Not Broken Blog!

Losing Vern

When Vern unexpectedly shuffles from this mortal coil, those closest to him are forced to process their grief amidst a series of ridiculous and almost farcical extenuating circumstances. Losing Vern is a story about family, life, love, loss, and finding a reason to smile in the face of tragedy.

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Reprisal (The Mogul)

tl;dr Surrounded by an inner circle comprised of deplorable people, a Donald Trump wannabe finally gets what he deserves.

With his mother upstairs on life support and his personal life hanging on by a thread, a New York City real estate mogul finds himself trapped in his building’s high-tech elevator where his ego is shattered as he is forced to witness a series of events that upend his perception of reality.

This is out of print BUT you can read it on my paid SUBSTACK. I’ll also be releasing Book 2 (The Cartel) there as I write it!


Stigma Fighters: Volume 3

Edited by Sarah Fader

Andrew provided a trilogy of essays on the mental health challenges he has faced and continues to face on a daily basis: anxiety, post-concussion syndrome, and chronic insomnia.


Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior

Compiled by Christina Esdon
Edited by Susan Ethridge, Steven Luna, Jennifer Gracen, and K.D. McCrite

Andrew provided a humorous account in the form of a short story of the untimely death of a family member and the events that followed.


The Darwin Awards III: Survival of the Fittest

by Wendy Northcutt

While he did not receive any writing credit for this contribution, he did get a free copy of the book and a t-shirt. This book contains Andrew’s first published words (around 500 of them, actually). Who would have thought that lighting one’s self on fire could be so funny? You can read the story on the Darwin Awards website under the title The Barbequed Chef or buy the book and read the whole collection (it’s hilarious in an “OMG human civilization is doomed” sort of way).



Additional Writing

In addition to the above, you can find Andrew’s written words all over the place. Well, in a few other places at least. Here’s a writing wresume… er… resumé of sorts for your reading enjoyment.


  • The Candle
    • Installment 1a was submitted to Vocal as an entry for their Campfire Ghost Story contest. While it did not win, feedback on the story was great and many people wanted more, so more they shall receive (see below).

Essays / Articles / OP-eds / Guest Posts


The Future

  • Known Order Girls (Dystopian Political Sci-Fi) (with my editor)
  • The Candle (Horror) (Serial) (In Progress)
    1. Installment 1a (Done), Installment 1b (In Progress)
    2. Installments 2 through 10+ (Future)
  • Reprisal (Psychological Thriller / Suspense)
    1. The Mogul (Done)
    2. The Drug Dealers (Future)
    3. The Mafia (Future)
    4. The Grifters (In Progress)
  • The “No” Conspiracies (Suspense)
    1. No Fixed Address (Needs Editing)
    2. No Known Cure (Needs Editing)
    3. No Good Deed (Needs Editing)
    4. No Stone Unturned (Future)
    5. No Other Choice (Future) 
    6. No Going Back (Future)
    7. No Alternate Truth (Future)


  • National Novel Writing Month (2023 – winner with 50,000 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2020 – winner with 51,634 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2018 – failed, but I’m okay with it)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2016 – winner with 50,485 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2015 – failed, but I’m okay with it, and here’s why)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2014 – winner with 51,356 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2013 – winner with 56,629 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2012 – winner with 50,131 words!)
  • National Novel Writing Month (2011 – failed, but I learned a lot)

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