Events & Sightings

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  • Ignite Waterloo (“I See Dumb People” [5:32], 2013)
    • Pick a topic. Talk about it for five minutes. The twist? You get exactly twenty slides to accompany your talk… and they auto-advance every 15 seconds.
  • Music Video: Wolves – “Kings” feat. Maestro & Adam Bomb (Fighting Homeless Guy [1:24 – 1:40], 2012)
    • Wolves are: Bix, D-Sisive, Timbuktu, Ghettosocks, Muneshine
    • Directed by Davin Black, Produced by Harv Glazer (235 Films). Cinematographer: Sabre Dane, Editor: Davin Black, Art Director: Bob Stueck, Styling: The Bossy Girls
  • Super Dave (“Take it Away Mike Walden” [1:09], 1991)
    • (Showtime (U.S.A), Global Television Network (Canada), 1987-1992)

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