Lend Me Your Words


A new site is up and running specifically for this project. You can find picture #2 along with the results from picture #1 here. Future pictures will be done through the other site in an effort to keep my personal work separate from the project.


So while suffering from post-concussion syndrome I got this idea that would allow me to explore some creativity without me needing to be on the computer for too many minutes in a row (screen time hurts the head).

I wanted to put the adage “A picture is worth 1000 words” to the test. I posted an original photo of mine and asked the people of the internet (mostly Twitter, but also the blogosphere, Facebook, and Google+) to lend me 100 of their words in response to the picture.  Once I had received 1000 words I would then edit the submissions and post the completed work as a little bit of “flash fiction”.

The only rules were that people submit 100 words (or thereabouts) in the form of full sentences and that I would only rearrange full sentences and not just grab words here and there to create new text.

I am pleased to say that in less than 24 hours my post became the 2nd most visited page on my blog (next to the one Kevin Smith did a shout out for on Twitter – to 1.5 million of his followers) and I received just over 1000 words from 10 different people. I’m in the process of editing and I plan on having something complete soon.

At any rate, this has spawned a new idea for me that a couple friends think has some legs. I want to put a whole bunch of these 1000 Word Pictures together, a hundred words at a time, from anyone and everyone who wants to contribute (and hopefully some well-known / famous people) and publish the collection, or display it as an art exhibit, and use it to raise money and/or awareness for a worthwhile cause.

So what do you think? Do you have 100 (or so) words rattling around in your head just itching to get out? Do you know Margaret Atwood or Rick Mercer, and can you get them to spare some words? (please say yes, that would be SO cool). If so then please, email me at thousandwordpicture@gmail.com or comment directly to this post as I present to you the 1000 Word Picture (100 at a Time) #2:

5 thoughts on “Lend Me Your Words

  1. Darian

    He hated. There was no other way around it. He had been marooned on this island for so long that his thoughts blended together with his memories and the ocean breeze, creating a salt laced dream state. The only constant in the muddled mess of reality and waking dreams that defined his existence was his hatred. It ran deep and burned the hollowed out center where his soul once resided. He stared at the fire in front of him and saw memories, faces and places he couldn't convince himself were real.Sometimes, in a moment of lucidity, he would catch a glimpse of the being who created him, and would once more be consumed by his hatred.He would find no absolution this night.

  2. Jim Tigwell

    He noticed the heat only after pulling the log from the fire. There was no fear, no pain, only the acknowledgement of heat. It was just like his dream, the one where he was a postmodernist superhero, tugging away log after log until only the purity of the fire remained, a signal to his mothership, already approaching, a bright white light in the sky. He had exploded all texts, ripped away the authors to leave only the raw wounds of readership, symbols on pages making people read their own minds. And now, it was time to go home. To Nietzschetron.


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