Week 1 Winner & Flash Fiction Challenge #2

We had a great week 1 of the Tales of Whoa / Potato Chip Math Flash Fiction Challenge! We had a grand total of eight submissions – seven of which followed the instructions!

Thank you everyone for participating and to all the other people who stopped by either for a quick read or to see what it was all about. We’ll be doing this every week all year, with chance to win prizes every few months so keep coming back.

Now, without further ado Gordon and I would like to present the entry we were most fond of. All eight submissions were great but Gareth Young’s stood out for both of us. Congratulations Gareth! We’ll send out some kudos tweets over the next few days. You can find him on Twittter @Spartagus.

Honourable mention this week goes to K.D. McCrite who took a prompt that we intended on inspiring murder and took it in a completely different direction. K.D. is such a good writer. If you have pre-teen daughters they will very much enjoy K.D.’s April Grace series.

Now, let’s get on with Flash Fiction Challenge #2!

This week it’s Gordon’s turn to host the challenge so if you’ll all please make your way over to Tales of Whoa you’ll find this week’s prompt and Challenge rules.

~ Andrew

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