If You Ignore Them Will They Just Go Away?

A short but important rant concerning Canadian politics.  You have been warned.
With another election undoubtedly in the works at some point (it has been almost 2 whole years since our last one, you know), and with the Rick Mercer show back on the air for a new season, my thoughts are with the poor people of Quebec and how 51% of them at election time are barraged by propaganda attacking Canada and promoting sovereignty under the guise of “Quebec interests”.  Well, last time I checked the whole purpose of a federal election was to put together the best government for the whole country and not just one part of it, no matter how “distinct” that part happens to be.  In fact, some would argue (myself included) that allowing a party with separatist intentions to participate in a nationally held election is nothing short of treason. 
So this brings me to the following….
Is there any way to keep the Bloc from participating in the next federal election (outside of actually running candidates)?
For starters, I was thinking that the network(s) carrying the next debate could impose a restriction which would look something like this:
“Participation in the debate limited to only recognised Canadian political parties running candidates in 185 of the 308 ridings AND in 7 of the 13 provinces and territories AND who received at least 5% of the vote in the last federal election.”

The numbers above were not picked out of thin air; they were well thought through.  185 of the 308 seats represents the percentage of eligible Canadians who actually voted (around 60% – terribly low) and more than 50% of the provinces and territories.  The 5% of the popular vote keeps fringe groups from getting in simply by running a Marxist Christian Communist Marijuana Party member in each riding.  
Based on the last election the next national debate would then have the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP, and the Greens.  Still do the debates in French and English – those are both our official languages – but only discuss issues important nationally, without the noise and clutter of Gilles Douch-eppe barking in the wings the whole time.
In addition, the media could just ignore the Bloc completely.  No questions.  No press coverage.  Nothing.  Like the petulant, whiny, good-for-nothing, little brat ruining a perfectly good recess; when ignored for long enough they have a tendency to just go away.
This could work, no?

One thought on “If You Ignore Them Will They Just Go Away?

  1. Anonymous

    But I like the marijuana party. Then, too, I miss the Rhinoceros Party.Agree that having the Bloc in a national debate is too twisted for words.


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